Friday, 14 October 2011


We've been away on holiday for a couple of weeks, so haven't been able to monitor progress on the house, other than the odd voicemail from our Site Supervisor. We went around on the day we got back and found the house basically complete - temporary fencing down, floors in etc. all looking great. The following day we got the call for our PCI, which was originally scheduled for next Thursday, but since we're both very busy next week, I asked if we could do it today.

Our SS showed us all around the house and pointed out the things we needed to know like how to take the door off the hinges if someone gets locked in the toilet!

There was nothing major we spotted during the PCI, just a few things that had already been noted and a few paint touch ups here and there. We've got an independent inspector going around on Monday too to look for the things that we don't know to look for, but hopefully there won't be anything major to come out of that.

Assuming that there's nothing major picked up in the report, we should get the keys in the next week or two!