Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The End is in Sight

                                          Front doors fitted- just need staining
                                    Our temporary "Bay View"

The scaffolding is down and the place now starting to look like a home.  We had an inspection on Friday and were told by our SS that PCI could be as soon as the 2nd week of October, with handover 2 weeks later.  Fingers crossed we should be moving in by the start of November, right before my mum and step dad are due to be visiting.

Apart from the stairs and the kitchen island bench, everything else is looking good (although the wrong colours still look good and well made- just in the oposite colour from what they should be).  They have started paining this week and I look forward to tiling starting end of next week.  I really don't remember what we chose, so am keen to see how it all comes out.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lock Up!

We received the lock up stage claim on Friday, so from site start to lock up we're at 10 weeks and from slab pour to lock up is just 8 weeks. Before we got locked out, I managed to grab a few photos of the interior.
Balusters should be Stainless Steel, although the black could just be protecting the underlying finish. Something to check with the SS on Friday.
Ensuite units
Kitchen - The island should be the same colour as the top cabinets - raised this with our CLE and it's being resolved.
Bathroom unit
Weatherboards on the back

Friday, 19 August 2011


I headed around after nearly a whole 7 days without visiting the site, to find that the bricks have been rendered and I could see the staircase had been installed.  I couldn't tell if the railing were in, but could see the stairs and bannisters.  Hopefully I can go and have a look upstairs when we do the site visit next week.  There will be many more pictures from that visit.

I am a little worried that there appears to be a cherry red render on the house, but I'm really hoping that's an undercoat, as I really don't remember choosing cherry red for the outside!!!