Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The End is in Sight

                                          Front doors fitted- just need staining
                                    Our temporary "Bay View"

The scaffolding is down and the place now starting to look like a home.  We had an inspection on Friday and were told by our SS that PCI could be as soon as the 2nd week of October, with handover 2 weeks later.  Fingers crossed we should be moving in by the start of November, right before my mum and step dad are due to be visiting.

Apart from the stairs and the kitchen island bench, everything else is looking good (although the wrong colours still look good and well made- just in the oposite colour from what they should be).  They have started paining this week and I look forward to tiling starting end of next week.  I really don't remember what we chose, so am keen to see how it all comes out.


  1. Your house looks fantastic Renee. Congratulations!

  2. wow nice wide entry with 2 doors and what a great view from the top. Cant wait to see your front facade completed with colours.

  3. Thanks guys. Yes I can't wait to see the final colours altogether. Fingers crossed they all work.