Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lock Up!

We received the lock up stage claim on Friday, so from site start to lock up we're at 10 weeks and from slab pour to lock up is just 8 weeks. Before we got locked out, I managed to grab a few photos of the interior.
Balusters should be Stainless Steel, although the black could just be protecting the underlying finish. Something to check with the SS on Friday.
Ensuite units
Kitchen - The island should be the same colour as the top cabinets - raised this with our CLE and it's being resolved.
Bathroom unit
Weatherboards on the back


  1. What's going on with just about all Carlisle builds and cabinetry colours at the moment? I reckon you're about the third person who's had a stuff up! Anyway - it's all looking pretty marvi. Gorgeous kitchen. What colour splashback have you got going in???

  2. Its looking awesome! I think these mistakes should be easy enough to fix. However, they might take a longer time than we expect. So it is important to identify them as early as possible to avoid delays :)

  3. 8-10 weeks to lockup for a double storey is superfast:)..ur house looks like a mansion in the first picture...

    Carlisle are in some sort of stuff up syndrome hehe (Yam, you and us in the same boat). I am sure this should be resolved pretty soon. Fingers crossed no more stuff ups :)

  4. Our cabinetry colour mistake is due to the fact the Island bench is just a side note and not a detailed selection. Our CLE said this isn't the first time and they were off to shout at the carpenters again. I suggested maybe making the island a selection on it's own may help this issue? Our SS said he would have picked it up when he went round to do his checks on the Monday, but James had just gone round early- but another set of eyes is always good.

    Reinsey- we have a green splash back going in. Really needs some colour so I'm hoping it will look good. Fingers crossed!!

    Apart from the stairs and the island bench everything else is looking perfect. Fingers crossed everyones issues are resolved quickly and smoothly.